University of San Francisco 
“State of Consciousness” - Virtual Reality Senior Thesis

“State of Consciousness” is an immersive, visual/auditory virtual reality installation. The installation offers a critique of modern times’ accumulation of visual information and how humans respond and react to such visual information. In a world overridden with “Fake News”, the need to simplify and “feel” what it means to be human is necessary. Within a 360° environment, viewers go through a program that introduces visual information to bring clarity how their body reacts to various forms of visual information and sound. In place of viewers taking a physically “active” role in this program, users are asked to observe and engage with visual information to challenge themselves to become more alert and aware. State of Consciousness takes the viewer through a narrative that explores the human composition as a means to bring focus, relaxation and clarity to each viewer's unique reaction.

The interpretation of information has always been central to my art and “human experience”. Having the privilege to grow up with a brother with Autism has highlighted just how diverse communication can be. For him, speaking language has been one of his challenges. Therefore, interpreting his wants, needs, and feelings through other methods has conditioned myself to think about communication on an even more intrinsic level. After discovering a program created by Dr. Daniel Yang, a professor from George Washington University’s Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Institute, that utilized virtual reality to study communication habits of individuals with Autism, I was intrigued to bring this technology to a larger audience.

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